Islamophobia and “Assimilation”

Alternate title for this could be, “My Grandma Still Bitches About You”.

So, recently, a resolution to pass divestment (if you don’t know what this is, you should, but it’s not integral to the story) from Israel’s violence in Palestine failed to pass my college’s student council. This is not important to the story. What IS important to the story are the figurative piles of hate mail (I say figurative because all of it has come in the form of emails, facebook messages, and texts) that supporters of divestment have received, mainly from Zionist students but also from a variety of other people. And I should also clarify something else, which is that supporters of divestment in general really haven’t received that much hate mail. It’s mostly just the really “Muslim Arab” looking supporters of divestment who have received hate mail, along with one other really specific case that comes to mind. I support divestment, but I have received a grand total of ZERO threatening messages, and I suspect that even if I was far more vocal about my support for divestment, I would not be the victim of hate speech. Why, you ask? I’m white, silly.

What I wanted to address in particular today is the comment made by one Zionist in which she urged the recipient to rethink “attacking Israel”, “stop whining”, and focus on “assimilating” into American society.

Now, there are so many problems with this, but I’m only going to get into the most topical.

This girl is Jewish, and in this message she effectively claims that Jews have completely and totally assimilated into the white majority.

Imma stop you right there hunnychild.

The test I personally would use to test whether or not an ethnic group “fits in” or has been “accepted” by the white majority is asking every white person’s racist grandma their opinion on the matter, and if they do not go into a twenty minute tirade on the aforementioned ethnic group, then you’re good and you’re one of us.

Now, I can’t speak for everybody’s racist grandmas, but mine certainly does not view “the Jews” favorably, evidenced by the fact that she uses the term “the Jews” to refer to Jewish people. Sidenote: if white people put “the” in front of your group, you have not been accepted by the white majority. See also: “the Muslims”, “the blacks”, and “the Mexicans”.

Now, there’s no question that Jews (See? Not “the Jews”! Attitudes are evolving!) are far more accepted than those other groups I mentioned, but I’m sorry, you are not at this point in time part of the majority. My racist grandma is still racist against you, and that is not going to change until she dies. Once you actually DO become part of the majority, I’m sure your current fellow minorities will thank you for your incredibly tolerant attitudes toward them, because they are now and probably will continue to be discriminated against, just like you were, and you know what that’s like so friggin help them out a little bit, would you? Ethnic minorities like you need to stick together, and white people like me need to recognize that white privilege and the tyranny of the majority are both very real and take action to make our society more inclusive.

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