Butters that Aren’t as Good as Cookie Butter (A List)

1. Almond butter

Sorry, buddy, nobody likes you. Nobody.

2. Cashew butter


3. Peanut butter

This is where it’s going to get contentious, but peanut butter simply does not compare. Sorry, peanut butter.

4. Butter

Basic bitch.

5. Margarine

Is it even trying to be butter?

While it may seem like this came out of nowhere, and it kind of did, this list is basically born of my guilt. You see, I was once a hardcore doubter. I thought cookie butter sounded like a weird-ass idea. And I said so, without even trying the stuff. Last night, however, I tried cookie butter for the very first time, and when the first spoonful hit my tastebuds, I thought to myself… Well, this is weird. BUT, good people, by the second spoonful I was totally converted by the Gospel of Cookie Butter. The stuff is magical. You don’t even need to put it on waffles, just grab a jar and a spoon, find yourself a nice private space, and enjoy.

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