Dear Potential Future Daughter

If I ever have a daughter, I want her to grow up on Billie Holiday. I want her to listen to “I’ll Be Seeing You” in her room when she’s pining over a boy. I want her to find her adulthood with Nina Simone. I want her to feel good, and not be misunderstood, and I want her to learn through empathy and music what it’s like to feel real pain. Through music, I hope she comes to understand that nobody is ever alone, in heartbreak, in love, in sadness, in joy.

Ultimately, I want her to find female role models. I don’t care if I’m one. My mother never was for me. And I want her to find songs that come to define her, songs that she loves, that she can listen to whenever she’s craving a certain feeling. I want her to love herself, and to love music.

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