Fantastic Cosplays (or Costumes) for Ginger Nerds

So as I’m looking for Halloween costumes this year, I found that searching “costumes for redheads” actually yields very few viable results. SO. Here we are. My groupings are arbitrary, my advice is limited, but here are some ideas!

Best done in pairs…

Amelia Pond—One of the easiest costumes ever because she wears regular clothes. Jean skirt, tights, t-shirt, and BOOM. You’re done. The downside is that this costume can be very hard to recognize without an accompanying Doctor.

Comic books…

Poison Ivy—So simple. Green leotard, add matching tights (or black tights, or fishnets), some ivy picked up at Michaels, and don’t be afraid to go super exaggerated with the eye makeup.

Black Widow—So you want a comic book costume that isn’t all bare skin? Black Widow is perfect! Leather leggings, leather jackets, leather boots (with a striking heel if you’re feeling adventuresome) and you’re good. This trained killer is nicely covered.


Ariel—Don’t be worried that you’re not ginger enough for this one. Also, don’t get hung up on making/buying a super elaborate dress or tail or anything. You can always go newly-legged Ariel quite easily with a sheet, some rope, a starfish and some shells here and there. Don’t forget your dinglehopper!

Merida—Curls, curls, curls! If you’re a naturally curly redhead, you’ve probably been excited for this since the movie came out! If you’re not naturally curly, a thinly radiused curling iron is gonna be your best friend. I’d suggest ½ inch. If you’re very dedicated, get an even smaller iron to curl random pieces with. You’ll notice not all her curls are uniform.

Anastasia—Short red hair? Anya’s your girl! If you’re feeling very fancy, that navy blue/indigo dress is always a knockout. If you’re feeling super crafty or your budget is to the moon, her ball gown is a fantastic option. If you’re feeling neither fancy nor crafty, this is the princess for you because she has not one but TWO casual outfits to choose from, her hobo-esque clothes in the beginning and her lovely light blue dress from later on.

For midriff-barers…

Misty—Again, short red hair! This is a very easy and recognizable cosplay. Jean shorts, canary yellow cutoff t-shirt, and bright red suspenders. The hard part (at least for me) is the midriff!

For Miyazaki lovers…

Arrietty—Good luck getting your hand on her hairclip, but if you do, there’s no way you’re not doing this cosplay because the only other thing you need is a red dress and brown boots!

From books…

Clary Fray—Like Amy Pond, very normal-girl-looking, so deck yourself out in leather and black (Shadowhunter style) and then eyeliner your skin with runes. Puuuurdy simple!

Ginny Weasley—You probably wanna go Hogwarts uniform with this one, unless you wanna go sweater-and-skirt (in which case just add a wand and any sane person should know who you are).

If you’re feelin’ babeilicious…

Jessica Rabbit—Since she’s known for her boobs and hips, this costume is not for the faint of heart, and also difficult (but not impossible) to pull off if you’re more willowy. Don’t be afraid of this costume just because you have small boobs. Literally, get yourself some very padded bras in increasing sizes, put three on one over the other, then adjust your ladies and contour. Voila! Cleavage. If you’re boycotting boobs, the red dress is probably distinctive enough that people will know who you are.

And my personal favorite…

Rosalind Lutece—Just. So awesome. I can’t even. She’s just. I just love Rosalind. Hair and makeup are not at all difficult, you just need to find a green tie, white button-up shirt (you probably own one), and a skirt in maybe a brown or a rust. Light-colored blazer is optional. For shoes you could quite easily go with some black pumps and make yourself some white spats. If you can be Rosalind, always be Rosalind. I’ll know exactly who you are and that’s what matters.

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