Alright, I know this isn’t just me, so hear me out. People don’t make your average inexpensive drugstore foundations for pale people. You might think you’re pale, and you’re going, That’s crazy, I can find foundation just fine! But if you are saying that, trust me, either your foundation is three shades darker than your skin, or you aren’t pale. Now, I’m no Snow White, but trying to find foundation in the wintertime is REEEdiculous. What brands claim to be “porcelain” is miles away from whatever I am. I don’t want some super expensive stuff, or any greasy white vampire makeup from Halloween stores, all I want is some cheap foundation that will cover my acne scars without giving me two distinct skin colors. Makeup providers, if you are listening, just because the number of us with really pale skin isn’t as ginormous as the number of people with “normal”-colored skin doesn’t mean you can just ignore us. You’re worse than the people who make bras.

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