Doing My Own Laundry

So, when people ask me what I’m most excited for when I go to college, I’m inclined to say one of two things, neither of which I usually end up saying, and those things are: A) UCLA Quidditch, and B) Doing my own laundry.

Now the first is relatively self-explanatory, because seriously who doesn’t love a good game of muggle quidditch? With the second it’s much harder to convey to most people why the heck I’m so excited to do my own laundry. I mean, isn’t “mom doing your laundry” something people usually miss when they go to college?

To put this in the proper perspective, my summer has been roughly four months long. I got out in late May, and I move into my dorm in two days. During summer, both my parents work, so my younger brother and I are responsible for doing ALL THE LAUNDRY. And he SUCKS AT FOLDING LAUNDRY. Not to mention he’s been back in school since August. So I’ve been on my own, folding a giant load of laundry every two days for basically THE WHOLE SUMMER. I don’t know why we wash our clothes so much. I really don’t. But every load of laundry has A LOT OF STUFF IN IT. So there’s one pile for all my clothes, one for my mom’s, one for my dad’s, one for my brother’s, one for any sheets we washed, one for towels for my parents bathroom, one for towels in the other bathroom, and one for hand towels for the kitchen. Then for all the piles of clothes I have to go to each respective room and sort the clothes into their respective drawers and/or find hangers for shirts, dress pants, etc. Now, call me crazy, but I am very excited for A LOAD OF LAUNDRY COMPRISED OF ONLY MY STUFF. I don’t have to be like, “Damn, whose socks are these again?” or, “Is this my PJ shirt or Pantalón’s PJ shirt?”, or “Does this shirt hang up or go in a drawer?” Cause it’ll all be my stuff!

So, yes, I’m very excited to do my own laundry.

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