The Feminine Hygiene Dilemma.

Why do we call tampons and pads “feminine hygiene products”? Like, is it unhygienic and dirty to menstruate? I think men probably came up with the term “feminine hygiene”. After all, they’ve been branding menstruation as unclean for centuries. I mean, really, how different is menstruation from just regular bleeding? We don’t call band-aids “dermal hygiene products”. We don’t stigmatize bleeding in a general sense, but add some uterine lining in there and expel it from your vagina, and oh no no, that’s hush hush. Society, how little sense you make sometimes. If I fell and scraped my knee, I could openly ask for a band-aid, but when I get my period for some reason I have to whisper to my friends, “Does anyone have a tampon?” and then smuggle it to the bathroom. Why not just come out and say it?


My uterine lining and blood will stain my underwear, so I need a friggin’ tampon. Middle schoolers everywhere will giggle, but if we just keep saying it, maybe, eventually, we can move past all this menstrual shaming and get on with our lives.

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